2024 Picks: The Best Blender for Protein Shakes On The Go

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Ever had that awkward moment when your blender gives you that “not again” whir, leaving you with chunky so-called “smoothies”? Yep, I’ve been there. Until I stumbled upon the best blender for protein shakes.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably sworn at your blender, hoping it’d feel guilty and start working better. But guess what? Our kitchen gadgets don’t respond to emotional blackmail. They need an upgrade!

Imagine waking up, throwing in your favorite fruits, and getting that Instagram-worthy, perfectly blended smoothie every time. No more awkward lumps, just velvety smooth goodness.

Stick around, and by the end of this post, you’ll be blending like a pro, making your mornings smoother (pun totally intended). Cheers to healthier, lump-free days ahead!

What are The Best Portable Blenders For Protein Shakes?

First off, let’s get on the same page about what we’re diving into.

When we talk about looking for a blender specifically tailored for protein shakes, we’re focusing on devices that can handle the unique consistency of protein powder, blend seamlessly, and are possibly portable enough for our on-the-go lifestyle.

You might be wondering, “Why can’t just any blender do the trick?” Well, just like you wouldn’t wear hiking boots to a yoga class, not every blender is cut out for the job of mixing that protein goodness flawlessly.

From the mightiest kitchen countertop behemoth to the tiniest portable blender, the ideal pick is all about marrying functionality with convenience.

So, if you’ve been scooping protein powder into your drinks, stick around because we’re about to make your blending journey a whole lot smoother!

Best Choice
Ninja Fit Compact Personal Blender is one of the best blender for protein shakes

1. Ninja Fit Compact Personal Blender

The Ninja Fit Compact Personal Blender is like the little dynamo of the blender world.

Don’t be deceived by its compactness – this small device packs a punch, delivering the power of a full-size blender in a countertop-friendly size.

It’s a top contender, especially if you’re considering the Ninja Professional Plus Blender Duo.

Product Pros

  • Efficient blending in a compact design.
  • Simple, user-friendly controls.
  • Good value for its price.

Product Cons

  • It’s noisy at times
  • Only single-serve quantities

Key Benefits

  • Power-packed Performance: Despite its compact size, it rivals many full-size blenders in performance.
  • Portable Design: Perfect for on-the-go smoothie enthusiasts and small kitchens.
  • Easy to Clean: Nobody wants to spend more time cleaning than blending.
  • Single-Serve Feature: This makes it the best option if you plan on solo smoothie sessions.


While the Ninja Fit Compact Personal Blender isn’t the most budget-friendly choice available, its cost is quite reasonable when you consider its performance. It falls somewhere in the mid-range, offering good value for its price, especially when juxtaposed with the full-size Ninja Professional Plus Blender Duo.

Premium Option
nutribullet Pro 900 blender is one of the best blender for protein shakes

2. Nutribullet Pro 900 Watt Personal Blender

Enter the Nutribullet Pro 900 Watt Personal Blender: the kitchen’s answer to your muscle-building and health goals.

From the creators who brought us the Nutribullet Blender Combo, this version is all about giving you professional-grade blending without hogging all your counter space.

Product Pros

  • Exceptional blending power for its size.
  • It is compact yet robust, making it perfect for daily use.
  • Known for its durability and long-lasting performance.

Product Cons

  • The price might be a tad high for budget-conscious individuals.

Key Benefits

  • High-torque Power Base: Ensures your ingredients are blended perfectly every time.
  • Efficient Extraction: This breaks down even the toughest of ingredients, ensuring you get all the nutrients.
  • Sleek Design: A modern look to complement any kitchen décor.
  • Versatility: From the best protein powders to your favorite fruits, this blender handles it all with ease.


The Nutribullet Pro 900 comes with a slightly steeper price tag compared to its peers, but the investment is worth it when you factor in its performance and versatility. It’s a tad more than your average personal blender but somewhat less than the Nutribullet Blender Combo.

Best Value
Hamilton Beach Portable Blender is one of the best blender for protein shakes

3. Hamilton Beach Portable Blender

The Hamilton Beach Portable Blender is the unsung hero in the blender world.

Designed for the hustlers, the travelers, and everyone in between, it offers a unique blend (pun intended!) of efficiency and portability.

It’s all about getting that fresh blend of fruits and vegetables, even when you’re miles away from your kitchen.

Product Pros

  • Affordable without compromising on performance.
  • It is truly portable, making it perfect for vacations or office use.
  • Robust blending for its size and price.

Product Cons

  • Not ideal for large quantities or heavy-duty blending tasks.
  • Might struggle with extremely tough ingredients.

Key Benefits

  • Compact & Travel-Friendly: Designed for the nomad in all of us.
  • Efficient Ice Crushing: Say goodbye to those chunky ice bits in your smoothies.
  • Simple One-Touch Blending: No complicated settings; just press and blend.
  • Easy Maintenance: Notably easy to clean by hand, making post-blend cleanup a breeze.


Hamilton Beach has always been about offering value, and this portable blender is no exception. Falling in the lower to mid-range pricing category, it’s an affordable option for those who want quality without breaking the bank.

Runner Up 1
Cuisinart RPB-100 is a good choice best blender for protein shakes

4. Cuisinart EvolutionX Cordless Rechargeable Compact Blender

Freedom in blending? Yes, it’s possible with the Cuisinart EvolutionX Cordless Rechargeable Compact Blender.

This game-changer redefines where and when you can blend.

No longer tied to an outlet, it gives you the power to decide where you need to blend, be it in your kitchen, at a picnic, or even in your backyard.

Product Pros

  • The cordless design provides unmatched flexibility in blending locations.
  • The battery lasts long enough for multiple blending sessions.
  • Suitable for both soft and hard ingredients, delivering a consistent blend.

Product Cons

  • Not as powerful as some traditional, corded blenders.
  • It takes time to charge fully.

Key Benefits

  • Go Cordless: Blend anywhere and everywhere without hunting for an outlet.
  • Efficient Battery Life: Ensures you’re not left mid-blend without power.
  • Comes with a Personal Jar: Perfect for on-the-go smoothies or post-workout protein shakes.
  • Versatile Blending: Whether it’s a smoothie or a puree with ingredients like nuts, veggies, or fruits, it handles them all gracefully.


The Cuisinart EvolutionX, with its advanced cordless feature, sits in the mid-to-high price bracket. Its pricing is a reflection of its innovative design and the flexibility it offers, especially to those who value mobility in their appliances.

Runner Up 2
nutribullet Personal Blender is a good choice best blender for protein shakes

5. Nutribullet Personal Blender

Meet the Nutribullet Personal Blender, the younger sibling in the famed Nutribullet family.

A step down from the high-powered models but certainly not lacking in spirit, it’s compact, efficient, and ready to accompany you wherever life takes you.

It’s like the Nutribullet Go’s cousin that also comes with its own charm.

Product Pros

  • Affordable entry into the Nutribullet world.
  • Simplistic design with easy-to-use functions.
  • Travel-friendly, perfect for on-the-go lifestyles.

Product Cons

  • Lacks some of the high-end features of its pricier siblings.
  • Battery life is decent but might need frequent recharging depending on use.

Key Benefits

  • Compact Size: Perfect for tight counter spaces and easy storage.
  • Quick and Efficient: Despite its size, it blasts through fruits, nuts, and veggies with ease.
  • Dishwasher-Safe Parts: Because who has the time for manual washing these days?
  • Portability: It not only sits comfortably on your counter but also comes ready for travel.


For those looking for trusted Nutribullet quality without the hefty price tag, the Personal Blender hits the sweet spot. It’s priced lower than the Nutribullet Go, making it a wallet-friendly choice for budget-conscious individuals.

Runner Up 3
Magic Bullet Blender is a good choice best blender for protein shakes

6. Magic Bullet Blender

Ah, the Magic Bullet Blender – it’s like the trusty old friend in the world of blending.

With its iconic cylindrical design, it has won the hearts of many who want a no-fuss, efficient blending experience.

If “1 is good, then 2 is the best”, and this blender surely understands the sentiment with its multitude of personal jars.

Product Pros

  • Budget-friendly without compromising on performance.
  • Comes with multiple jars catering to different needs.
  • Simple and easy-to-use design.

Product Cons

  • Not the most powerful option available.
  • Cups might be too small for some

Key Benefits

  • Multiple Personal Jars with To-Go Lids: Because one size doesn’t fit all, and sometimes you’re in a rush.
  • Compact & Efficient: Small but mighty, it does the job without occupying half your kitchen space.
  • User-Friendly: No need for a manual; just push and twist to start running the blender.
  • Versatile: From smoothies to salsas, it’s your culinary companion.


The Magic Bullet Blender has always been about affordability. Priced at the lower end of the personal blender spectrum, it’s an excellent pick for those who want efficiency without spending a fortune.

Runner Up 4
Bella Rocket Blender is a good choice best blender for protein shakes

7. Bella Rocket Blender

The Bella Rocket Blender is a compact powerhouse designed for quick and efficient blending.

Its sleek design makes it a favorite for those with limited kitchen space or those on the move.

From smoothies to sauces, this blender can handle a variety of ingredients.

Product Pros

  • Its compact design means it won’t hog counter space
  • From smoothies to soups, it handles a range of recipes
  • Manages fibrous ingredients effortlessly, ensuring consistently smooth blends

Product Cons

  • It might be a tad noisier than some other blenders in its category.
  • Not the most powerful

Key Benefits

  • Versatile Functionality: Achieves a smooth blend with fibrous ingredients, ensuring no chunky surprises in your smoothies.
  • Compact Design: Perfect for small kitchen spaces or on-the-go needs.
  • Multiple Accessories: Comes with a pair of blending cups, allowing for diverse culinary projects.
  • Durable Pitcher: The pitcher is robust and built to withstand regular use, ensuring longevity.


The Bella Rocket Blender offers a mid-range price point, providing excellent value for its features, especially when considering its durable pitcher and additional accessories.

Runner Up 5
Blendjet 2 Blender is a good choice best blender for protein shakes

8. Blendjet 2 Blender

Enter the Blendjet 2 Blender, the successor to the already popular original Blendjet.

This high-speed dynamo isn’t just about shakes and smoothies; it’s an all-rounder, even dipping its blades into soups and other culinary wonders.

When speed meets versatility, you get a blender ready for almost anything.

Product Pros

  • High-speed blending ensures quick results every time.
  • Versatility in blending options, from cold beverages to hot soups.
  • Convenient charging mechanism with USB compatibility.

Product Cons

  • Battery life might not last for multiple uses on a single charge.
  • It’s slightly louder than some of its competitors.

Key Benefits

  • High-Speed Blending: Whether you’re rushing for work or just impatient, it’s quick to produce smooth results.
  • Multi-Functional: From cold smoothies to hot soups, it handles a range of temperatures and textures.
  • Portable Design: Easy to carry and even easier to store, perfect for tight spaces and travels.
  • USB Rechargeable: Because cords are so last year.


The Blendjet 2 sits comfortably in the mid-range price point, offering a harmonious balance of advanced features and affordability. For the versatility and convenience it provides, many would argue it’s worth every penny.

Hidden Gem
PopBabies Smoothie Blender is a good choice best blender for protein shakes

9. PopBabies Smoothie Blender

Who said babies are the only ones that pop? Introducing the PopBabies Smoothie Blender.

It might sound cutesy, but trust me, it’s grown-up where it counts.

If you’re looking for one of the best blenders for smoothies that fit right into your active lifestyle and can double as a shaker bottle, you’ve met your match.

Product Pros

  • Exceptional blending capability, especially with smoothies.
  • Its shaker bottle feature means one less thing to carry.
  • Convenient charging system for active lifestyles.

Product Cons

  • While portable, its capacity might not be enough for bigger servings.
  • The plastic material might scratch over time if not handled with care.

Key Benefits

  • Perfect for Smoothies: Designed to make a smooth blend, every time, without those pesky lumps.
  • Ultra-Portable: Light, compact, and designed with on-the-go individuals in mind.
  • Doubles as a Shaker Bottle: Blend and go without any fuss or multiple containers.
  • USB Charging: This makes it versatile and ready for wherever your day takes you.


The PopBabies Smoothie Blender is a dream come true for those wanting quality on a budget. Its price sits on the lower end of the spectrum, but it punches way above its weight in performance.

What Is The Best Blender For Protein Shakes On The Go?

In the bustling world of today, ‘on-the-go’ isn’t just a phrase; it’s a lifestyle.

The best blenders for protein shakes have evolved from the bulky machines that took up a large chunk of your kitchen counter.

Today, they’ve transformed into sleek, portable companions that ensure you never skip a healthy meal, no matter how packed your schedule.

But remember, going compact doesn’t mean you have to compromise. Many of these petite powerhouses rival even the mightiest full-size blender when it comes to performance.

Here’s a quick tip: To get the most out of whatever blender you choose, make sure you understand its features and limitations.

Some blenders might dazzle with multiple settings, while others excel in simplicity. Understand your own routine and preferences.

Do you need something just for shakes, or are you looking to experiment with other beverages? Do you prioritize speed or precision?

Once you know how you’ll primarily use your blender, making the right pick becomes a smoothie…I mean, a breeze!

 Buyers Guide: How We Conducted Our Research For 2024

Finding the perfect blender for your protein shakes requires more than just a glance at the price tag or checking if it’s available in your favorite color.

It’s about understanding the intricacies that make one stand out from the rest. Here’s a glimpse into the structured approach we adopted to bring you the best of the best:

● Driven by Data: Before anything else, our initial choices were driven by data. We looked at sales numbers, customer reviews, and expert opinions to form a list of contenders.

● Pricing: We dissected the cost of each blender, considering not just the upfront price but also the value it brings in the long run. Are you really getting bang for your buck?

● Features: From blade assemblies to unique add-ons like a tamper, we delved deep into the features each blender boasts. We evaluated if these features enhanced the blending experience or were just marketing fluff.

● Negatives: No product is without its flaws. We aimed for a balanced view, pointing out what might be missing or where a product could improve.

● Support or Refund: A company’s post-purchase services speak volumes about its confidence in the product. Does the brand stand by its blender with solid customer support? Are there community forums? And most importantly, is there a fair refund policy in place if things don’t go as planned?

So, when you go through our list, know that each product has been meticulously researched, and our recommendations are crafted with care.

Whether you’re a smoothie lover or a protein shake aficionado, we’ve got your back.

Conclusion/Wrapping Up

Navigating the vast ocean of blenders can feel like an intense workout before you even get to make your first protein shake.

But armed with this guide, you’re more than ready to make a choice that suits your lifestyle and needs. Remember, the perfect blender isn’t just about power or price; it’s about how it aligns with your personal goals and daily routine.

I’ve blended my way through countless shakes, tried various blenders, and spilled my fair share of smoothies (yes, even I have my clumsy moments!). This journey has equipped me with the insights and experience that I’m thrilled to share with you.

Trust in this guide, trust in yourself, and soon enough, you’ll be sipping on the perfect shake, courtesy of the perfect blender. Cheers to a healthier, happier you!


Is it OK to make a protein shake with a blender?

Yes, it is OK to make a protein shake with a blender. Using a blender can help ensure a smooth consistency, especially when adding ingredients like fruits, vegetables, or ice.

How well does the Ninja Foodi Power Nutri Duo use ice cubes and fibrous ingredients like kale for smoothies?

Ninja Foodi Power Nutri Duo has a strong motor that can effortlessly crush ice and handle fibrous ingredients like kale. You just need to add ingredients to the jar, and the auto-iq program does the rest.

Does the Vitamix Propel 750 have automatic blending programs for protein shakes and smoothies?

Yes, the Vitamix Propel 750 features automatic blending programs. You can easily add protein powder and milk, choose the program, and the blender takes care of the rest.

What makes the Oster Versa Blender a good pick for making protein shakes?

The Oster Blender is great for protein shakes due to its unique features. It can crush ice perfectly and blend smoothies with a consistency like no other. With its power and versatility, you won’t need to stop the blender to mix the ingredients manually.

Can an immersion blender like the KitchenAid K400 handle making protein shakes with ingredients like leafy greens?

Absolutely! The KitchenAid K400 immersion blender is a powerful tool that can directly blend into the container where the ingredients are. It excels at blending tough ingredients such as leafy greens for your protein shake.

What jars come with the full-sized Ninja Professional Plus Kitchen System, and how do they cater to on-the-go protein shakes?

The Ninja Professional Plus Kitchen System with Auto-iQ comes with a 72 oz. pitcher for large batches of smoothies or shakes, a 24 oz. single-serve blender cup with a lid for on-the-go convenience, and a food processor bowl. It’s an all-in-one system for all your blending needs.

Can the Ninja Foodi Power Pitcher System crush nut butter for smoother protein shakes?

Yes! The Ninja Foodi Power Pitcher System is powerful enough to blend harder ingredients like nut butter smoothly, making your protein shake smoother and fully blended.

How does the Vitamix 5200 compare to other blenders when it comes to creating smoothies?

The Vitamix 5200, like other Vitamix models, is known for its superior blending performance. It can handle tougher ingredients like leafy greens and ice cubes, producing silky smoothies in just seconds.

Can the Oster Versa Blender be used to make frozen drinks?

Absolutely, the Oster Versa Blender excels at the job. Thanks to its power, it can create various frozen drinks, effortlessly blending and crushing ice to the perfect consistency.

Can I use my blender duo for making both protein shakes and other dishes?

Yes! A blender duo typically comes with a large jar for making large quantities of smoothies or shakes and a smaller jar or personal cup to make a serving of protein shake for one. This versatility allows you to use your blender to create a variety of dishes.

How do I purchase the best blender for protein shakes and smoothies?

You can purchase the best blender for your needs via several outlets. Many retail and online stores offer these blenders. Websites like rtings.com provide in-depth reviews and affiliate links to purchase through their platform.

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